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Accelerate Business Transformation with Lexmark IoT

The Internet of Things offers countless opportunities for manufacturers—provided they can master all of the data generated by these connected devices. Capitalizing on IoT insights can lead to new revenue streams, improved customer experiences and innovative product designs - which can be further leveraged for competitive advantage.

Source: IDC

79.4 zettabytes

IoT data projected to be generated by 2025
Source: Statista

$2.4 trillion

projected size of the IoT market by 2027
Source: Insider Intelligence

Is Your IoT Project Stuck in Pilot Mode?

You’re not alone! 84% of IoT projects stall—for various reasons.
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Skill shortages

47% of IoT adopters say they don’t have enough skilled workers, which slows everything down.

Specifically, 37% of manufacturers say they lack the ability to prepare IoT data for analytics, while 33% cite a lack of data science skills.

Source: IDC

Difficulty integrating IoT data silos

Rapid IoT adoption is increasing data generation. However, all of this data is not being integrated and optimized for insights, which can lead to productivity and efficiency losses.

Source: ANSI

Lack of an integrated IoT platform

Only 10% of manufacturing organizations are using a platform to harness and analyze their IoT data. That’s a big reason why all those great insights are still sitting in silos.

Source: Gartner

Among those that do have a platform, 79% are more satisfied with their commercially leveraged solution versus 60% of those who built their own IoT platform.

Source: IDC

Security concerns

32% of organizations say security is a primary concern with connected product deployments. Data breaches and device jackings are the result of a lack of vulnerability management, which you can’t get without the right IoT platform.

Imagine the IoT Possibilities

Lexmark understands these challenges. Being a leader in the print and imaging industry, we have encountered many of them. As a result, we have focused on creating a solution to overcome these IoT obstacles—unlocking new possibilities and business outcomes.

Enable Predictive Services

  • Elevate service delivery
  • Evolve beyond reactive support
  • Reduce costs of service

Optimize Asset Life Cycle Management

  • Maximize product life cycle for greater efficiency
  • Reduce costs and grow profitability per device
  • Achieve sustainability/ESG/recycling goals

Unleash Systemic Innovation

  • Enhance R&D product design
  • Optimize manufacturing quality and cycle times
  • Improve QA testing efficiency
  • Implement predictive demand planning
  • Eliminate siloed data

Gain As-a-Service Revenue

  • Increase engagement flexibility with customers
  • Secure recurring revenue and speed customers’ time to market
  • Achieve visibility for improved forecasting

Get Unstuck with Lexmark
Accelerate IoT and Business Transformation

IoT lives in our DNA. In our efforts to discover new possibilities, Lexmark developed the Optra IoT Platform. Initially, it was for our own internal use. However, the results have been significant—even winning an award for outstanding innovation. Today, the platform can help other companies achieve their business transformation goals, too.
“Lexmark has a better handle on what makers of connected devices need because it has moved through the IoT process itself to differentiate from the competition, shift to an ‘AaS’ model, and drive more value out of its own connected products.”
— IDC Analysts Sandra Wendelken and Carrie MacGillivray

The numbers show why the Lexmark Optra IoT Platform works


Predictive Services

of support issues resolved remotely



recurring revenue

Asset Lifestyle

Asset Lifestyle Management

improvement in engineering efficiency


Unleash Innovation

increase in profitability via optimized utilization
Optra is a solution that is ready-made to quickly shift your IoT initiatives into high gear—to reach your business outcomes faster.

Engineered IoT Platform

IoT Platform

Suite of Accelerators


Expert Consulting Services


  • Built on best-in-class, modern cloud architecture using open standards for flexibility and scalability
  • Easy to deploy with a highly visual portal interface for rapid adoption
  • Boosts ability to operationalize data from connected devices and core systems

Engineered IoT Platform

IoT Platform

Suite of Accelerators


Expert Consulting Services


  • Presents real-time data visualization via pre-made reporting dashboards and business process templates for specific use cases and personas, such as business executives, product marketing and supply chain operations
  • Low-code/no-code interface to manage data flows, apply rules and take actions, as well as for quick integrations with business applications
  • Includes pre-engineered data pipelines, algorithms, and machine learning and artificial intelligence models for faster implementation
  • KPI blueprints help you measure success and fast-track insights, efficiencies, and time to value

Engineered IoT Platform

IoT Platform

Suite of Accelerators


Expert Consulting Services


  • Dedicated professional services with decades of experience to help overcome your skills gaps
  • Knowledge spans architecture, security, data science, business processes, customer relationship management, and more
  • Accelerate the IoT journey with a charted, phased path to meet your specific business outcomes
“The expertise that (Lexmark) brings to the table will help IoT device makers and service providers make smarter decisions, work more efficiently, and reduce costs.”
—Lee Davis, Associate Director of Software/Scanners, Keypoint Intelligence


Lexmark’s Expertise in IoT Offers a Template for Business Transformation

Lexmark is a manufacturer that has been doing IoT for 20 years, before it was even cool.

Source: IDC
The Optra IoT Platform connects to more than

1 million devices

in over


locations globally, managing multiple


of data.