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Innovate Faster and More Efficiently for Competitive Advantage

It’s Time for an Evolution

Forward-thinking automotive manufacturers and suppliers are unleashing innovation to address:
Autonomous, electric, and connected and shared vehicles
Tech-driven competitors
Consumer demands for sustainability and personalization
Regulatory, globalization trends

Complexities Slow Down Product innovation

Teams Working in Siloes 
  1. It’s challenging to get a comprehensive, single source of truth around product design and development, especially when teams are geographically dispersed or working remotely

  2. Supply chain issues exacerbate silos; a lack of access to real-time shared knowledge about materials and parts availability slows innovation
Regulatory Landscape Rapidly Evolving
  1. Most organizations struggle to keep up with and meet emerging regulations. For example, new U.S. fuel efficiency rules will affect 2024 car models, which is a significant change [source: Automotive News]

  2. Enforcement of regulatory requirements is becoming stricter, resulting in increased violations, fines and criminal prosecution. [source: Siemens ebook]
Modern Competitors Have an Advantage
  1. Regulations and consumer demand are pushing for electrified vehicles, which are intricate and complex to design and build [source: Siemens WP]

  2. Electric vehicle startups have an IT infrastructure and software systems in place to rapidly innovate, compared with more traditional automakers
Autonomous Driving Adds to Complexity
  1. Multiple electronics, sensors, and software components must work together for safety, quality, and efficiency

  2. An enormous amount of data is necessary to build these autonomous vehicle capabilities; manufacturers and suppliers require a system that cohesively manages that data


Inability to Cost-Effectively Test Designs
  1. CAD programs and design systems only go so far in demonstrating how all the components work together

  2. Building prototypes or pre-production models for testing can be costly and time consuming


Overcome Complexities and Empower Accelerated Product Development in Three Ways


A data backbone provides the underlying fabric to stitch together the entire product development lifecycle and ecosystem. Get on-demand access to all product data, including requirements, test results, simulations, and changes. 


Optimize Automotive
Product Design
Speed up product design auto engineering with Siemens Automotive Product Development Software by generating models and designs that are high quality, multi-facetted, flexible, and iterative.


Validate and Verify
Product Development
Siemens Automotive Simulation software provides powerful capabilities to predict product performance and validate design, while promoting collaboration across design and development.
Siemens provides a comprehensive, cross-domain platform solution that harnesses the power to develop products with highly complex technologies faster and more efficiently. Take a model-based approach to improve quality and reliability.

In Focus:
What It Takes to Accelerate Product Innovation 

Fast-Track Reliable, High-Quality Product Design with Siemens Automotive Product Development Software
  • Collaborate on designs across multiple domains including Electronic, Mechanical, Electrical, Software, and Systems with a single user interface 
  • Generate high-quality CAD models using reverse-engineering capabilities
  • Use the best of parametric CAD models and facetted data models in a single environment — and even in one geometric model
  • Generate lightweight designs that can be used and improved throughout the automotive development process
  • Produce iterative and generative designs with seamless integration of additive manufacturing

Take it for a spin—try Siemens Automotive Product Development Software free for 30 days! 

Get Product Development Right the First Time with Siemens Automotive Engineering Simulation
  • Validate the next generation of vehicle design while improving product quality, reducing development time, and guaranteeing traceability
  • Virtually verify designs with digital twin technology to minimize the need for physical prototypes and maximize speed to market
  • Requirements are validated with standardized, proven workflows and templates to rapidly achieve compliance
  • Reduce the costs around testing, design and warranties
  • Make faster, more accurate decisions


Get into simulation mode—try Siemens Automotive Engineering Simulation free for 30 days! 

Resources to help you go faster

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Auditable traceability for the complete product lifecycle
Validate the next generation of vehicle design while improving product quality, reducing development time, and guaranteeing traceability. Discover how to get it done in this e-book. 

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